The first surgery is scheduled.

The first surgery is scheduled for Thursday the 24th of January. It will be a colostomy with a bag attached pretty high up so that the lower intestine can rest a bit before the big surgery which will be the second one in about 2 weeks. We are in the best possible hands here in Cameroon, as Prof. Dr. Mouafo has successfully operated two cases of this very rare disease. We are confident that if anyone can help, it is him. 

After touring the surgery room with the professor explaining everything the pre- OP phase starts. Meaning emptying the intestines as much as possible in the usual way. 


The surgery went well and Stephane is doing quite ok. Still, it is only the second surgery which will eliminate the threat to his life....and we are running around like crazy trying tho raise money. The first of our friends have started giving us cash, we are forever grateful. But how will we manage to raise such a big big sum? We are brainstorming with friends and family, and the response is awesome.


Thanks to my amazing friend Janet Fofang, who is the founder and owner of a STEM focused school in Yaounde, we have a teacher, Mr. Steve coming to the clinic 3 times a week to help Stephane catch up on academics- he is 11 and has yet to learn how to read. 



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