Soon surgery#2!

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The second surgery went well and Stephane is gaining strength.

His belly's circumference went from 96cm to 64cm! wow!

He has a temporary colostomy bag. He is already so transformed in the little time we've known him. Mama Modestine and Stephane's little brother Junior are adjusting quite well to the hospital life and room which will be their home for a few weeks. 

The costs are mounting and mounting. Just the bags for the colostomy cost $5 each, and need to be changed twice a day. 

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Stephane proclaimed today that he wants to become a medical doctor. This touched our hearts and means so much. He is coming from a very simple surrounding, has not been in school. This is the power of role models. Not only surrounded by the doctor who saved Stephane's life, but also the unconditional dedication of Idriss and Gaetan are having effect on him. 

emily pinna