Today marks Stephane's third day at Tassah Academy!!! We are so forever grateful for his development and the opportunities presented to him: he now lives with a beautiful teacher-host family, who welcomed Stephane with open arms. All he needs now is love and routine, school and food. And just be a kid, play, learn, be healthy and save. 


All this is possible because of the wonderful Janet Fofang, who founded and runs Tassah Academy, an awesome STEM focused k-12 school. She's been supporting Stephane early on in our venture (hard to believe that it's hardly been 2 month that we met Stephane, between time he had 3 surgeries!).

He's made new friends and is learning the alphabet- as he's 11 and has not been in school before. 


This is Mr. Steve, Stephane's teacher who, while Stephane was hospitalized, came 3 times a week to work with him and get him caught up a bit. 

emily pinna